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The entertainment industry has drastically changed in the last few years. Streaming services, on-demand videos and affordable, high-quality home theatres have made it more attractive for people to watch movies in the comfort of their own home. Going to the cinema is more than just watching a movie – it’s a night out. It’s about the whole cinema experience.

By providing the most luxurious recliner seats in the industry, Encore lays the foundation for this experience. With our seats, we transform passive entertainment into an experience with unsurpassed comfort. This cinema experience results in renewed enthusiasm for going to the movies, a higher average gross sale and higher customer satisfaction.


Encore seats are designed with the customer in mind. Each seat is carefully and meticulously developed for cinemas wanting to provide their visitors with uncompromised comfort and design; cinemas that go the extra mile in customer experience. Our recliner seats are designed for luxurious comfort, serviceability and durability, and are made with the highest quality components and cover materials. They are built to ‘wow’ and made to last – at very affordable prices.

Working together with Encore means having the option to create your own, tailor-made cinema experience. We actively listen to the needs of you and your customers in determining the requirements. Once those requirements are known, we work together to develop the perfect solution for your seating needs. We assist you throughout the entire process – from designing your personalized seat, to the quick installation by our European installation partner. We’re proud of the extra-attention we provide, the quick production times, and the exceptional results we deliver.

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Our ergonomic design ensures your visitors will feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they take their seats. Provide them with a communal at home experience. The comfortable seating and quality material, combined with options like heated lumbar and the adjustable head and footrest, provides your customers with the ultimate experience.


Our R&D team has and continues to exhaust and explore many ways to create and develop innovative seats. Some of the innovations our team has introduced to this industry are power headrest, wireless open/close system and removable seat cover for serviceability. These innovations have given us the lead in market developments.


Encore products and services are designed with you and your customer in mind. Thanks to premium-sourced materials, such as sustainable plywood and heavy-duty polyurethane covers, our seats are a reliable and durable investment.


Encore is there for all your needs, because you matter, and we care. As a partner, you will receive our full attention, from finding the seats that match your needs to excellent post sales services.


Explore our unique designs and customizable options. Learn more about our products and series.


Explore our unique designs and customizable options. Learn more about our products and series.

How others experience encore

Here are some of the things our customers have to say about our products, services and the partnerships created.

“With the installation of the Encore chairs, we’ve seen a significant growth in attendance, there’s no question that it’s the Encore chairs that are bringing the customer back.’’

Paul Wenger, President of Flagship Cinemas

“As you can see, not only are their seats beautiful, but they’re comfortable. We installed many chairs well over a year ago and they still look brand new. These chairs are built to last! ’’

Gina Facca, COO of Imagine cinemas

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About encore

Encore Performance Seating is a division of Palliser Furniture Ltd. Palliser is the largest manufacturer of upholstered furniture in North America and an industry leader in power recline technology. They have a legacy of over 75 years strong in providing innovative, high quality furniture and exceptional service.

Encore was established in 2014, based on a request from a major Midwestern cinema circuit who were looking for high quality recliners to offer a point of difference compared to the traditional cinema seat and older styled recliners. Since then, Encore has always been focused on a tailor-made approach providing comfort, innovation, durability and exceptional services. The result is an outstanding high double-digit growth every year.

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