Encore consistently delivers on time for us. Our usual lead time is four to five weeks from when we finalize the order to receiving our seats.

Paul WengerPresident - Flagship Cinemas

I thought you might be interested to know that various Glaxay people have said that your chairs in Toscon are the most comfortable in our circuit.

Rafe CohenGalaxy Cinemas, LLC

The team at Encore listened to our needs and quickly responded with a product solution that met the social distancing challenges of COVID-19.

Bill WalkerCEO - Landmark Cinemas, Canada

We asked Encore to develop new slip-on covers for our Palladium location. The new covers make the seats look like new again, and now we expect to gain another five years of use.

Paul GlantzChairman - Emagine Entertainment

As you can see, not only are their seats beautiful, but they’re comfortable. We installed many chairs well over a year ago and they still look brand new. These chairs are built to last!

Gina FaccaCOO - Imagine Cinemas

I usually sit in recliner seats with tables. If I have to hold food in my lap, I don’t purchase as much food. I will go to the movies that have a table and have dinner there, whereas a theater that doesn’t have a table for food, I will eat before or after the movie.

Richard F.Customer - North Las Vegas, NV

The seats at Maya Cinemas are lovely; they’re super comfortable.

Leonardo A.Customer - North Las Vegas, NV

Encore has been a great partner to work with. Their lead times are exceptional as they have five factories in North America. They have accommodated us numerous times by freeing up additional manufacturing space to fulfill our orders within six weeks. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service and quality provided by Encore Performance Seating.

Tony TillemansVice President - CEC Theatres

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible experience, which is why we decided to install recliners with power headrests and tray tables. The power headrests provide our customers with the perfect sightline when reclining to the desired position. The tray tables provide additional comfort for our guests; they don’t have to worry about juggling their food and drinks in their lap throughout the film.

Moctesuma EsparzaCEO & Founder - Maya Cinemas

Our experience with Encore Performance Seating has been very pleasant and problem free. This great experience starts with the design and layout services. Jaclyn has done a great job with all our layouts and really understands the intricacies of how the seating fits and interacts with the steps, walls and surrounding elements in the auditorium environment. Having a pro handling the design and layouts has made my job a lot easier.

Stan R. LambDirector of Construction and Development - CEC Theatres

The seats are very comfortable and supportive. I like the way my head rests on the back of the seat, because it supports my head better than other recliner chairs have, which makes the movie going experience more enjoyable.

Joe W.Customer - North Las Vegas, NV

I thought you might be interested to know that various Galaxy people have all volunteered that your chairs in Tucson are the most comfortable in our circuit.

Rafe CohenCOO/President - Galaxy Theatres, LLC

After the first couple of installations, we just decided to do it ourselves because it was so easy!

Gina FaccaCOO - Imagine Cinemas


Diana Z. & Janine K.Customers - Tucson, AZ

The seats are so comfortable that I think some of us have taken a little nap.

Randall T.Customer - Tucson, AZ

The wireless remote system is easy to use. It opens every seat at once versus me having to come and push every button to open every seat.

Sean T.Customer - Tucson, AZ